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Angel Wings Photo Maker


Get in delicate heavenly costume with beautiful and gentle Angel Wings Photo Maker! This angelic photo manipulation is perfect for everyone who feel innocent and pure. It-s the perfect opportunity to decorate your beautiful pics with feathery white decoration for an angel. This amazing insta pics montage lets you edit any image by adding stunning angelic wings image effects.❖ Angel Wings Photo Maker ❖ app features:
❖ Easy to use photo editing app❖ HD quality templates❖ Immense gallery of beautiful wings for real life angels❖ Lovely picture frames and cute effects to make your angelic pics perfect!❖ Use a picture form your gallery or take a new one and use it for the photo montage❖ Fit your face in hole perfectly by moving, rotating, resizing, moving, zooming in/out and scaling up/down!❖ Save your favorite heavenly pics in a photo gallery❖ Share your virtual bridal makeover on social networks – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.
Choose one of your pictures from the gallery and then add beautiful heavenly effects. They will emphasize your celestial beauty and make you look like an angel fallen from the heaven. Show your halo and use these realistic angel photo booth to make your pics perfect! This marvelous montage app can be your stairways to heaven so try it out now!
❖❖ Add some angel wings stickers to your pics and create fun photo art ❖❖
Explore your true angelic nature and decorate your pics with divine photo stickers and amazing effects. Surround yourself with with white fluffy clouds as you spread your wings in front of gates of heaven. Angel wings for pictures are just what you need to experience paradise, so don't hesitate, download it now and fly like angel!